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One of the UK's most Haunted and malevolent rated museums in the UK (available in USA and Europe).

Malevolent Rated Artifacts with . . an Exorcist team!

TV Exorcist & Medium Ralph Keeton is joined by Vatican trained priest & demonologist Steve Hemmingway and Murder & Criminal expert Holly Rhiannon.
The Extraordinarium Museum travelling show includes some world renouned and possessed items for you to see and gain knowledge from. As part of the show information on the Malevolent Risk Categories of a haunting are now explained.

The Extraordinarium museum travelling museum has objects dating back to the 1500's up to modern times. Haunted artefacts include objects with fire starter backgrounds, poltergiests, death attachments on a devlish theme and sensationally high profiled artefacts that have prompted movies or TV programs.

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ralph keeton exorcist medium and extraordinarium founder