Malevolent Risk Categories

Extraordinarium malevolent risk categories show the most common ghosts/spirit energies to the most dangerous and rare forms.
Malevolent Risk Category Overview

There are FOUR main 'Malevolent Risk Categories' to consider 4, 3, 2, and 1.
Each MR Category has sub categories, this therefore is a guide.

Most hauntings, activities and spirit contact start in the Malevolent Risk Category 4.
The differences between each MR Caterogry is significant, therefore it is fair to say 90% of contact you have is within the MR CAT 4.
Activities such as movement and touch can escalate into a more serious nature and move into the next MR Category 3.
Within MR Category 2, activity goes beyond normal rationality of ghost hunting, paranormal or spiritual interventions.

We will not disclose the full content of MR Category 1. Needless to say these are rare events but dangerous.

Malevolent Risk Categories 4, 3, 2 and 1

Malevolent Rated Category 4
(Low risk, Benevolent) includes noises, poltergeist, manifestations/sightings, sensations etc.

MR Cat 4

These energies are low level and are most commonly associated with the paranormal.
Activity will include noises, sounds, vocal connections, thoughts or inner voices, random sightings, air movements, electrical impulses, and bodily sensations (hot, cold, air movements etc.).
Must people will feel a change within their sensory perceptions, electrical monitoring equipment affected and rooms having light changes (dark/light) etc.
These energies are communicating to you, generally thought of as friendly signs. As an example, a person may feel the bed being sat on or moved, this is spiritual energy created at low levels to simply communicate a presence.

Malevolent Rated Category 3

(Medium, Indirect/Direct) includes visually showing such as objects propelled, human psychical contact, direct communication etc. This level though perceived as frightening is generally a higher level to show a presence and meant to be non threatening.

MR Cat 3

This energy level is at a higher frequency than most, being able now to make direct contact with a person. Shown in the fact object a large or small are propelled toward you or near a group. Doors or heavy objects are held, moved or hit to create loud noises.
These types of energy levels are about visual impact. Where objects are moved or at the higher end of this category propelled. Noise levels are higher and often affect people directly such as a voice next to your ear.
Psychical contact though unnerving is generally a communication level that is personal. Contact may result in an odd scratch or push. This is not threatening behaviour but more an observed function we would do in life.
It is here possible to have direct contact where the spiritual energy does in fact respond to the person or group.
A higher level of air movement cold or hot will be more extreme as will a person thought patterns, almost psychical holding or pain given.

Malevolent Rated Category 2

(High level, Purposefully Direct, Limited cases) objects driven towards human contact, high level mental torment/anguish, purposeful psychical abuse towards permanent harm etc. **This level is RARE**, spiritual energy has to be present to attain such levels of abuse, anguish and harm.

MR Cat 2

Often going through the MR Cat 4 and 3 first. This is intelligent use of spiritual energy. Very reactive to psyhical presence with one aim in mind that of personal attack.
Ranging attacks can be objects proplelled at a subject and disharmony in place with others. Objects range from everyday items, electrical(failing to work), household items (Light bulbs exploding and more), external objects e.g. cars not working, lifts stopping and a variety of non associated objects missing (not to rturn).
High levels of both psychical abuse where severe damage is done to mental anguish in wake and sleep modes. These do not have to be 24/7 but are of a nature that is violent, fast and intense.
At this level the types of severity vary from person to person and does not need to be aimed at any one person. Continual alterations to a persons life have to be made.

Malevolent Rated Category 1

(Life threatening, Extreme Danger, Harmful, Incredibly Rare..) Due to the rarity of these details are restricted and dealt with on a one to one level.

MR Cat 1

In these rare cases each circumstance differs.

Caution must be observed. By the nature of the spiritual energy present you are dealing with a truly reactive energy. These focus on weak points and drive home their own abilities above your own.
Dissipation, removal, casting out and blocking of these spiritual energies require one on one personal dealings.
This category is above anyones expectations and requires time to deal with. These energies have little regard to human form, material or machanical belongings.
Life WILL change for anyone suffering this level or dealing with these highly intellectual and ever chnaging spiritual energies who intention is purely destruction.
Given a MR CAT 1, is sub divided into two levels. Each require caution and extreme care.
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