Dark Nights

Extraordinarium - Murder and Mystery.
8.00 pm to 2.00 am - HU9 1AT
16 May 2020

Take notice -- please read carefully

Whether you believe or not!

You WILL agree to our terms

Some of the deadliest haunted attachments exist within the Extraordinarium Museum. Any medical condition liable to cause serious injury or fatality to yourselves or others must be stated to the staff at the beginning of the tour. It is the tour operator who has final discretion to you participating or not. Failure to disclose may result in legal actions against you.
You enter and are part of the nights at your own risk - Adults only (18+ age group). You will be asked to sign a waiver warning to enter the two 'Secret' rooms - age restriction to 21+ (proof required). Precautionary measures have been taken within these rooms. You will be asked not to touch any items whatsoever or you will be immeadiatly removed from the tours.

Whilst care and attention has been taken we cannot provide a full guarantuee that any spirit or energy, ghost or poltergiest good or bad will not make an attachment to you or cause harm both psychical or mental.

Dark Nights
Your night may comprise a scare tour around the building. Followed by a some of the following;
  • Meet your ghosts
  • Take part in the rituals
  • Darkroom specials
  • Handling some haunted items
  • Victorian table Seance
  • Black mirror usage
  • Scrying
  • Human pendulum
  • Embalming room (solo)
  • Fortune or fate techniques
  • Spirit tapping techniques
  • Table tipping
  • Lone blindfolded sensory techniques
  • There is more, simply book to see!

  • Individual, group or corporate
    You take you a daytime tour.
    Why not have your own overnight investigation