Annisons Funeral Parlour

Funeral parlour and Haunted museum.

Annisons Funeral Parlour

Annisons Funeral Parlour rebuilt in 1876 after a fire damaged the building is the one you are looking at today. The building houses some very large open stables, large storage rooms, an entertainment area and courtyard. The lower building contained a chapel, area of rest, coffins, two embalming rooms one of which survives with its table, the other is now part of the Extraordinarium Museum of Haunted Artefacts.

But do not be deceived the building and the souls contained within it have taken part in its ever-changing history since the late 1500’s. Hull was a very different time and place centuries ago the treatment of poor people was harsh and barbaric as this building remembers. The footings of the building have watched and taken part in the making of Hull’s often horrible if not sadistic history.

Embalming techniques and coffin making have changed since their inception, but the traditional ways have impacted the building in such a way you’ll feel the force of one soul who woke up from the dead to die two days later. You’ll be greeted with the Annisons Funeral room and the family's rich history.

The building you venture into today has not only lost souls, foul and disgruntled dead energies but those whom you really should not get too near. It’s topsy-turvey life has resulted in activity that can be as small as a knock to full on apparition’s that touch, hold or take over. Each night on these grounds can be very different, remember it was also a Police station and unsavoury guests were present in the building. The building has housed many different businesses in its time such a Rington’s teas, a sweet shop, flower shop and moreover they have brought in their own guests.

Within the building exists a secret

Whether you believe or not!

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Some of the deadliest haunted attachments exist within the building. Any medical condition liable to cause serious injury or fatality to yourselves or others must be stated at the beginning your visit. It is the tour operator who has final discretion to you participating or not. Failure to disclose may result in legal actions against you.
You enter and are part of the nights at your own risk - Adults only (18+ age group). You will be asked to sign a waiver warning to enter the two 'Secret' rooms - age restriction to 21+ (proof required). Precautionary measures have been taken within these rooms. You will be asked not to touch any items whatsoever or you will be immeadiatly removed from the tours.

Whilst care and attention has been taken we cannot provide a full guarantuee that any spirit or energy, ghost or poltergiest good or bad will not make an attachment to you or cause harm both psychical or mental.

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