Artefacts - Extraordinarium

Malevolent Risk Categories
The Extraordinarium haunted artefacts are contained for your protection. You still need to be careful nevertheless, there infact are one or two who do not need containment. Knowing the risks involved and having the knowledge to deal with them comes at a cost.
Malevolent Risk Categories 1 to 4

There are FOUR main 'Malevolent Risk Categories' to consider.

Most hauntings, activities and spirit contact fall into the Malevolent Risk Category 4.
Other 'MR C's' can or may escalate to a serious nature, beyond normal rationality of ghost hunting, paranormal or spiritual intervention.
The differences between each MR Caterogry is significant, therefore it is fair to say 90% of contact is MR CAT 4

(Low, Benevolent) includes noises, poltergeist, manifestations/sightings, sensations etc.
(Medium, Indirect) objects propelled, human psychical contact, direct communication etc.

(High, Direct, Limited cases) objects driven at human contact, mental torment/anguish, psychical permanent harm etc.

(Extreme Danger, Harmful, Very Rare) details restricted.

The above is only an overview with sub categories existing within each. We cannot disclose the full content of each MR Category.

Haunted Artefacts

Cut Throat Razor

  • Malevolent Risk Category 3
  • Has an attachment that will make itself known. Used by an individual member of a gang and is of modern historical time, family members are still alive.
  • Passed into our hands due to the nature of the activity being produced, particularly around the family.
  • Given a MR CAT 3 rating due to its various levels of activity and frequency with disturbances. One person is attached to this object.

Death Bear

  • Malevolent Risk Category 3
  • This object is known as the death bear due to the nature of its use. This was placed on several young that had passed in a home. It was removed from the last child when it was found in the coffin.
  • Taken into our care due to the nature of the unbearable activity that surrounds this artefact.
  • Given a MR CAT 3 rating due to its level of continual auditory and visual activity. The energ has also connected in dreams. Several connections attached to this object.

Death Shrouds

  • Malevolent Risk Category 3
  • These object are known as death shrouds, having been used on bodies to present to families. These artefacts were reused a few times, on the young and old. They were removed from the body just before burial from the coffin before sealing. This could often have been at the graveside!
  • Taken into our care due to the nature of the damage the attachments have caused. One door in our building has been violently damaged, when a group of ghost hunters were perfoming a seance.
  • Given a MR CAT 3 rating due to its level of enrgetic activity. Several connections attached to these objects.

The loving chair

  • Malevolent Risk Category 2
  • Whilst a lovely chair, it harbours a very dangerous spirit. This chair is known by it previous owners as a special occasion chair. Brought from a large manor, this chair has caused more physical problems than you would ever perceive.
  • Removed from the property for the safety of it's occupants. The manor suffered three fires, the last causing a real catastrophe. Connections include sightings of women, with this attachment she handed out more attention than you could ever want. After attacking several guests enough was enough, this attachment will do physical harm. The chair resides in our archive area for the moment.
  • Given a MR CAT 2, dangerous due to its level of physical nature and activity. One severe connection attached to this artefact.
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