Tours and Events

Dark tourist tours

Charity Ghost Hunt

In aid of Barnardo's, giving children their future back. Activities include sitting in a coffin, on an embalming table or in a body bag for and be zipped in! Read More →

Night at the Museum

This is a night of investigations, including access to two secret rooms. You will be guided by our resident exorcist. Limited early! _ _ Read More →


This is a night of investigations and the dark art of raising the dead. You will be guided by our resident exorcist. Limited early! Read More →

Overnight stay

Visiting a Haunted Museum for a short while is an exciting experience, but just imagine the thrill of being incarcerated here for the whole night! Visit each room and encounter the Spirits head on; don't just imagine it, come on in and try it!

Halloween Event

A Halloween special. Try not to be too perturbed by the flickering candle, the fleeting shadows, the voice or energy that appears at your side. Something moved? Did you see a face in the brickwork? A murderer, long ago, was embalmed in one of the rooms!

Night of the Dead

Limited number to stay awhile. Lie in a coffin (genuinely used to trasnport the dead). Be zipped into a Mortuary Body Bag. Stay as long as you can on a Mortuary Table (it's really had bodies drained on it). Have all your sensors closed of (find out more)in the blackout room.

Xmas Nightmares

Do not be alarmed by the Creaks of the Floorboards, the Murmurs in the Roof, the Shrill call of a distant Howl. Stay Calm and Breathe deeply. The ghosts of 'Christmas Past' are gathering. Find out why Christmas was banned in the UK and the consequences of that action for the royalty.

Ghosts of a New Year

New year resolutions will not help you with the dead, they don't care. This Most hanuted Building carries memories of the past we are trying to unearth......

Love spirits

The love of a mother, father or child haunts these buildings. Stay Calm and Breathing deeply will not help. Try meeting a scorned loved one, death by insanity or a plague victim they are here! Why not join us for a night of ghost hunting