Tours and Events

to take your breath away

Ghost Hunt Groups

Book your group into the building and meet our range of ghostly activities. As seen on 'Most Haunted'. Run by an Exorcist on hand for more details.

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Victorian Seance

This night will take you through traditional ways of communicating with spirits. Black mirror, regressions, scrying, seances, human pendulum and much more. You will be guided by our resident exorcist. Limited early! _ _ Read More →

Overnight stay

Visiting a Haunted Museum for a short while is an exciting experience, but just imagine the thrill of being incarcerated here for the whole night! Visit each room and encounter the Spirits head on; don't just imagine it, come on in and try it!

Halloween Event

Walk and tour the Haunted building, a Halloween special. Try not to be too perturbed by the flickering candle, the fleeting shadows, the voice or energy that appears at your side. Something moved? Did you see a face in the brickwork? A murderer, long ago, was embalmed in one of the rooms!

13 room challenge

Visit each room and then stay awhile. To live in its history, you will need to be appropriately dressed. As a Child, or a Victim, or a Murderer, an 1890 Victorian and more. Engage in the eerie atmosphere and open your mind, in order to meet each individual challenge.

Xmas Nightmares

Do not be alarmed by the Creaks of the Floorboards, the Murmurs in the Roof, the Shrill call of a distant Howl. Stay Calm and Breathe deeply. The ghosts of 'Christmas Past' are gathering. Find out why Christmas was banned in the UK and the consequences of that action for the royalty.