Extraordinarium Museum Tour

Revealed are real malevolent cases, deadly objects and true life events - book a tour
48% of reported ghost sightings are usually overlooked, as they are often interpreted by the general public as just being "misconceptions". However, the remaining 51% of all reported sightings will have much more substance, as these Ghostly energies will present themselves as either being Evil, Mischievous, Obnoxious or just downright Disgusting energies, which we will all have to deal with.

There is 1% that goes beyond your imagination or concept of how you percieve an energy to act, these are malevolent to a point of human life being severely threatened. Of that one percent, a minute few become life threatening or mentally disabling. From the moment that you enter the Extraordinarium, do not think that you are on your own, because simply put - you most certainly are NOT!
Artifacts, feelings and malevolent enrgies.

With deep historical backgrounds locked into artifacts from as far back as the 15th Century, you will here true events.


These artifacts were formerly used in Funeral Parlours or on the deceased and as such, the embalming equipment or the murder weapons all creating thier own very spectacular atmosphere.

The spirtual energies quite often make themselves known, independently of and in addition to, any haunted artefact that the 'Extraordinarium' has on display.

Every object has its own unique energy and story for you to experience.

Unfortunately, 1 in 3 of us die in agony! It is hard to imagine, but torturous death was a crowd thriller years ago and one that you would readily pay to see!

// check the history of witches, hangings and murderers of the past.

There is nothing “ordinary” about any artefact within the Extraordinarium. What may at first look somewhat simple and untoward, can actually be just as dangerous as some of the more macabre oddities on display.

Some of the haunted artefacts have malevolent attachments that are not frightened of coming forward, in order to test and scare the life out of you.

This tour will take you through the hardships of death and the subsequent process of re-alignment to spirit. But remember, there are some very unhappy spirits within this building, who may see you as a target. However, there will always be a member of the Extraordinarium team on hand to help restore order.

Some of the darkest and Malevolent Risk Category 1 haunted items are on display

We hold at least ten Malevolent Risk Category 1 registered artefacts, however only five of which are authorised or allowed to be on actual display within the museum at any one time.

Warning! there is a secret artifact (Malevolent Risk Category 1)

Due to the nature of the artifacts contained within the secret room, you are required to sign a specific waiver, be over 21 (proof is required) and in good health.

If you do not sign/accept the waiver, you will not be granted access to the room. There is also an additional restriction, only two visitors at a time will be permitted into the room. Advisory notice is given to you prior to entry.

This is not a pun to get you in, neither is it a challenge! Simply put within this room it's your own responsibility, you visit and it is at your own consequence!

Ghosts cannot harm you, can they?

// A non-believer once asked and the reply

"Then ask the lady who was thrown against a wall and pinned to it by an unseen force if that's right!