"Medium and Exorcist - Ralph Keeton's haunted collection. Ralph Keeton is a remarkable and extraordinary man, his journey through the world of the paranormal took a sharp twist when he exorcised one incredible Monster House. Now one of the UK's most respected mediums reveals some of the worlds most haunted artefact collections, in of all places a 1876 Funeral Parlour.

Ralph Keeton's Extraordinarium Museum has 'Malevolent Rated Categories' for each item. Finally shedding light on energies that are safe(ish) and those that are too deadly to be near. Each artefact has a story, life and end result that might just shock you." - BBC"
Ralph Keeton, Medium/Exorcist and your guide.
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Such is the extent of Ralph's 30-year involvement within the world of the Paranormal, Exorcisms, Ghost Hunting and TV documentaries/series, that Sony Pictures tasked a Canadian media production company to film one of his real-life experiences.

A true Exorcism; which subsequently became the real basis for the animated film 'Monster House' and TV documentary 'Domus Mactibilis', produced by Steven Spielberg and Bob Zemeckis. Even recently the 'Sun' Newspaper joined him and filmed a remarkable exorcism, leaving everyone breathless.

Leading Ralph into the global arena of American audiences and starting his now regular associations with the likes of the BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Globo TV, VICE, Sky and more.

Ralph has been fortunate to work in most types of media, from local/national TV and Radio, to film, national/regional newspapers, the internet and appearances/quotations in many books. His aim is to Educate and Inform the public on how to deal with life's connecting energies; whether this is through one-on-one discussions, clearances, on-stage performances or just simply walking with you on his Tours or Ghost Walks.

Much of Ralph's work has been deliberately hidden from public view; both for those wishing his work to remain silent and indeed for your own sanity, because it is often impossible for people to come to terms with the realities of what really happens at the extreme parameters of his work.

Ralph was first introduced to Hull's Ghosts and Apparitions, simply through being asked to help exorcise a home within the city. It quickly became apparent to Ralph that this was no ordinary home, nor this an ordinary city.

Your host is both a Medium and Exorcist of notable worth, quite unique in UK. Ralph has also worked alongside many of today's TV mediums. It's both history and the macabre coming alive when he walks you back in time.

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