Extraordinarium museum

Haunted Rooms - Haunted Items
Funeral Parlour Museum - Hull - HU9 1AT

The Extraordinarium rooms contain haunted artefacts, within a haunted building on deadly haunted grounds.

The Monks of Meaux Abbey needed a port where their wool off the estates could be exported. The junction of the rivers Hull and Humber was chosen and a quay built. Within a walled town the Holy Trinity Church (now a minster) was built in 1293 and the St Mary Church in the 14th Century. Both looking to protect and save the town.

The Extraordinarium building and the grounds it stands on were once the 15th Century 'North' Block house. The Blockhouse one of the main entrances into the city and had an armed garrison with cells. It's darker history lead it to encase the insane, seriously ill (often dying) and develop sinister torture techniques. The worst of the criminal society in the town were often thrown into the cells and often left to die. Therefore, death here is synonymous with the grounds, ironic as it later became a funeral parlour and today a museum dedicated to death.

The area suffered from the Black Death in 1349, which probably killed about half the population (records are not accurate). Records show that in the 16th and 17th centuries, Hull suffered from many outbreaks of the 'Black Death' (Plague). These outbreaks came in 1537, 1575-76, 1602-4 and 1637. In the last outbreak, a vast amount of the town’s population died (including the mayor). Yet Hull's biggest killer was so simple it killed all in one street and killed over 30 people a week in one disastrous year (guess what it was?).

The present building is an old funeral parlour rebuilt in 1876. Happy now, well visit us to hear and see more on death and the effects it has had on others.

Extraordinarium Rooms

Here are a selection of the rooms within the haunted Extraordinarium funeral parlour museum and some of it's deadly artefacts

The Funeral room, more to Death than you can imagine
The 1940's Room

A typical room showing how death occurs near you. The result - hauntings of a particular type.

Secret room with deadly attachment
A childs playroom
Play time but
for who?
The Fun room

We jest not, this rooms not as funny as it first seems!

A room full of love

A woman scorned can be a nightmare on earth but hell in the afterlife.

The locked in room

Captive spirits can help or destroy you . .